Welcome to Prisma Property Services, your trusted solution for holistic property care in Thunder Bay. Our integrated approach seamlessly combines property upkeep, professional painting, and home renovations to enhance your space and leave a lasting impression.


  • Property Upkeep: From pristine lawn maintenance and crystal-clear window cleaning to precise gutter care and eco-friendly pressure washing, we ensure your property stands out.

  • Professional Painting: Transform interiors and exteriors with our skilled craftsmanship, delivering a fresh, vibrant look that adds value to your space.

  • Home Renovations: Dive into a world of possibilities with our expertise in tile work, flooring, trim, bathroom, and kitchen makeovers, backed by a commitment to tailored solutions.

Why Prisma?

Tailored Excellence: Our experts understand the unique needs of your property, providing tailored solutions for maximum impact.

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction, building lasting relationships based on trust. Keywords: Thunder Bay property services, customer satisfaction. Sustainability: Prisma champions eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener community. 

Expanded Reach: With three branches, Prisma comprehensively serves Thunder Bay, ensuring your property receives the attention it deserves.

Choose Prisma Property Services for a comprehensive approach for your property needs, seamlessly combining upkeep, painting, and renovations. Transforming spaces, building relationships, and ensuring satisfaction – that’s the Prisma promise.

At Prisma Property Services, we’re dedicated to offering exceptional property care solutions while prioritizing sustainability and customer satisfaction. We believe in combining environmentally-conscious practices, expert service, and a client-focused approach to create a brighter future for our community and customers in Thunder Bay.

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Garden projects can add functional, fun, and fashionable accents to your landscape and even inside spaces. The possibilities are endless for a diy garden project, we have garden ideas that range from day to full weekend projects. To add character to your backyard choose garden projects that reflect your personal style. Everyone appreciates spending time in a beautiful and healthy garden – especially when it’s their own!

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